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Articles based on our most frequently asked questions (FAQs), covering general information on our hair products and more specific questions about our product range.


How do I choose a hair texture?

Great question! If you’re purchasing products that need blending (e.g. clip-ins, or bundles for a leave out sew-in), you’ll probably want to go with a texture that accurately matches your own hair. Try taking our hair quiz to find out what your hair

How much do I need for a full head?

Our clip-in sets range from 160 - 180g and one pack is designed to cover a full head with a finger-width of leave out. (If you’re after a very full look however, especially if purchasing stretched textures in lengths above 18”, you may want to consid

What hair length should I choose?

The advertised length of our hair is based on the straight length of the hair - as in the length when you pull on a hair strand. However, similar to real kinky/curly hair, the “shrinkage” of the hair will make it seem about 40% shorter than the strai

How long will my Ruka hair last?

Ruka sources 100% human hair which is prone to the same shedding and tangling that our own hair would experience, especially because curly hair requires regular detangling. With the right TLC, human hair retains its like-new quality for around 6-9 mo

What colours does Ruka hair come in?

To avoid the use of chemicals, and maintain its "Virgin" nature, our hair comes in it’s natural colour. This means that it will resemble a #1B (natural black) or #2 colour (brown-black), with some slight variation given it’s not dyed. Since human hai

Can the hair be dyed/bleached?

Yes it can! However keep in mind that colouring human hair extensions requires the same TLC as colouring your own hair. Whenever you apply a light colour dye, the hair is slightly damaged in the process and can suffer loss of curl pattern/hair loss.

Can the hair be straightened?

Yes it absolutely can - straightened, curled, blown out you name it. But again, like our own this hair is susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern. So we recommend that you only do so when you absolutely have to. We have designed our textu

My hair falls under more than one curl pattern description, which hair texture should I purchase?

You’re not alone, a lot of people fall under more than one curl pattern! We’ve developed our hair extensions with that in mind.   If you’re only leaving out a small amount of hair, we recommend going for the hair texture that most closely resembles t

How do I install my clip-ins?

How you install your clip-ins will depend on your desired final look. Have a look at our step-by-step pictorials here for a visual on how to install your clip-ins. Otherwise: To wear your hair out as is with a little added volume, simply part your ha

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Absolutely - just be sure to take care of your extensions afterwards by carefully rinsing the chlorine/salt water out and applying a good deep conditioning treatment. This is important because salt water / chlorine can remove all the moisture from yo

Can I sleep with my hair extensions?

You sure can, we’d just recommend wrapping your hair the same way you would your own hair!

What type of hair care products should I use?

Cleanse your clip-ins with a gentle shampoo or co-washing cleanser. To condition your Ruka hair, apply your favourite deep conditioner and brush through for even distribution. Wrap in hair in a plastic bag and keep in a warm place for up to 30 minute

Where are your hair extensions sourced?

All of our hair extensions are sourced in India, and crafted into these custom textures by our partners based in China. We specifically chose Indian hair because of the resilience of the hair strands to further processing. This means the hair retains

Are your hair extensions ethical?

When choosing where to source and manufacturer our products, we prioritised ethics before all else. We strongly believe that our community shouldn’t have to compromise their ethics just to have a new hairstyle. That being said, we are fully transpare

Do you sell single donor hair extensions?

We believe the additional benefit of single donor hair in terms of product quality just doesn't match up with the additional cost. We believe in balancing extremely high quality with accessibility. If you 100% know you want single donor hair, our adv

Do you sell raw human hair extensions?

Unlike Virgin hair extensions, which have not been chemically altered but may have been processed by a steaming/heating technique, raw hair extensions have not been altered whatsoever. They tend to have slightly longer lifespans because they are 100%