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Hair perfume FAQs

What fragrance notes are present in the hair perfume?Top notes – Coconut Milk. Heart notes – Cedarwood & Sandalwood. Base notes – Musk & Vanilla. How do I best use the hair perfume?•    As an everyday refreshing spray. •    Post gym. •    In-between

Are your products suitable for people with eczema or sensitive skin?

Our products have gone through the required safety assessments and are safe to use as they are described.Please refer to the allergens on the ingredients listing to ensure you’re avoiding any ingredients you have a sensitivity to. For specific medica

Is your Hair perfume/Wet Products Lab range suitable for all hair types?

Our hair perfume has been created to be able to used on all hair types and textures.Our Wet Products Lab Vol.1 range has been designed to suit a variety of hair types and needs, so we would highly recommend checking out the individual product pages f

Do any of the products in your Ruka Wet Products Lab range contain parabens or sulfates?

None of the products in our Wet Products Lab Vol.1 range contain parabens or sulfates.

Are your products Cruelty Free?

Animal testing within cosmetic products is banned in the EU and UK and we have carried out due diligence to ensure that this has been adhered to throughout every stage of the product development process.

What is the shelf life of Ruka hair products?

On your product packaging you will notice a little image of an open cosmetics pot together with a written number of months and this is known as the period-after-opening symbol (PAO). This number indicates how long you can expect your product to remai

Where is your Ruka Wet Products Lab range made?

All of our Ruka Wet Products Lab range is manufactured in the UK.