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Human Hair extensions - The Classics

Our Classics range features timeless luxurious textures made from the highest quality 100% Remy human hair, to give you a fuller and thicker finish whilst still remaining natural and comfortable.

How much do I need for a full head?

Our Classics bundles are approximately 100g, whilst our Classics clip-ins are approximately 120g, and both sets of these extensions are double drawn meaning that over 75% of the hairs used in each set of Ruka extensions are true to the advertised len

Can I sleep with my Ruka human hair extensions?

You sure can, though we’d recommend using a silk/satin bonnet or silk/satin scarf to preserve the quality and longevity of your extensions whilst you sleep. If you're likely to forget to put on a satin bonnet, a satin pillowcase is a great alternativ

Can the hair be straightened?

Yes it absolutely can - straightened, curled, blown out - you name it. Just like our own hair, your extensions are susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern, so we recommend applying a heat protectant to preserve the hair health if you are

Can the hair be dyed?

The short answer is yes, however please bear in mind that any dyeing you do choose to undertake is at your own discretion and done at your own risk. Dyeing and the use of any bleaching agents can shorten the lifespan of your Classics extensions and p

Can I swim with my Ruka human hair extensions?

Absolutely - just be sure to take care of your extensions afterwards by carefully rinsing the chlorine/salt water out and applying a good deep conditioning treatment. This is important because salt water / chlorine can impact the quality of your exte

Any tips on maintaining my Ruka hair?

We recommend cleansing your Ruka Hair with a gentle shampoo or co-washing cleanser, before applying your favourite deep conditioner and brush through for even distribution. Wrap in hair in a plastic bag and keep in a warm place for up to 30 minutes b