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Articles based on our most frequently asked hair extension discovery questions, and covering general information about the company.

Where are your 100% human hair extensions sourced?

All of our 100% remy human hair extensions are sourced in the Northern Chinese provinces and crafted into these custom textures by our partners. We specifically chose hair from these regions because of the resilience of the hair strands to further pr

Are your hair extensions ethical?

When choosing where to source and manufacturer our products, we prioritised ethics before all else. We strongly believe that our community shouldn’t have to compromise their ethics just to have a new hairstyle. That being said, we are fully transpare

Do you sell raw human hair extensions?

Unlike remy human hair extensions which have not been chemically altered but may have been processed by a steaming/heating technique, raw hair extensions have not been altered whatsoever after coming from the donor. They tend to have slightly longer

Do you sell single donor hair extensions?

We believe the additional benefit of single donor hair in terms of product quality just doesn't match up with the additional cost. We believe in balancing extremely high quality with accessibility. If you 100% know you want single donor hair, our adv

SKU Culling - what does it mean?

The new stock lengths we will be continuing with for our human hair extensions -.